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Hi everyone! It’s Vicky, again. It’s been a while, huh? Well, let’s get right into it.

A while back, I took the morning to visit the Perez Art Museum here in Miami. It was a wonderful experience to visit a museum all by myself, which I must admit I had never done before. The museum was empty, except for me and a surprising group of what I’m almost sure was about 40 second-graders dressed in alternating white and red. Sharing my quiet visit with them was an odd but mood-lifting thing. How cool is it that that day was part of my job?

The Perez Art Museum is a modern and contemporary art museum. It “evolved from the Miami Art Museum, which grew out of the Center for the Fine Arts (CFA),” which opened its doors in 1984. The museum was renamed the Jorge M. Pérez Art Museum of Miami-Dade County in 2013 in recognition of a generous gift given by Mr. Pérez.

That day, the first floor had few colors. There was lots of glass, white, black lines, and cubes. It went perfectly with the children. The second floor, however, was much more colorful. My favorite piece was an amazing, life-size boat by Hew Locke, constructed out of cardboard and painted on with white. If you looked at it from the correct angle, there was a beautiful painting behind it, and I thought the two together complemented each other perfectly. My second favorite was an interactive piece by Jose Soto installed outside the galleries made of bright blue hanging plastic tubes, which one of the second-graders accurately described as looking like “long blue spaghetti”. I walked through the spaghetti and, frankly, had the time of my life. I’m already planning my next visit.

You can find the museum’s current exhibitions here: pamm.org/exhibitions.



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