Okay, everyone, stop what you’re doing and watch this video immediately. Trust me, your day will be better!

It’s Vicky again, and I have to tell you about the best song right now. Can you tell I’m excited? It’s Bomba Estereo’s “Soy Yo,” and it has the best video ever. Yes, I know it’s been viral for a couple of weeks now, but that doesn’t make it any less cool. Seriously, if you haven’t yet, take a look:

Can we talk about how great and empowering the lyrics are? I feel like even if you don’t understand it, you can appreciate that it’s a feel-good song. Finding this type of song in Spanish is always such a treat for me because it lifts my mood in my own language. I don’t have to pay as much attention to it to absorb the feeling, lyrics, and tune — it’s more automatic.

The confident protagonist is Sarai Gonzalez, an 11-year-old with parents from Costa Rica and Perú. Sarai told NBC that she was “proud to be a part of this video because I’ve overcome bullying.” She should be, and we’re proud of her.

My chest swells with pride in seeing a little girl I identify with be showcased as such a straight up boss. If I have daughters, this is how I want to raise them. I was brought up hearing that women should be graceful and demure, but this little girl just showed all of us that we she can be whatever she wants, and you know what? Nobody’s stopping her.

Post by Victoria Rosenthal Madrid