Today’s pick goes out to a local artist whose precision and charm — and straight-up talent — have us wanting her art all over our bodies. And this works out, because she’s a tattoo artist. 

Meet Karry Ka-Ying Poon: a Miami-based tattoo artist originally from Hong Kong who describes her work as minimalist. Karry works with intricate, perfectly placed fine lines and dotwork that come together in beautifully crafted landscapes, geometric shapes and whimsical depictions of simple ideas like body parts and cooking utensils. 

Karry has an incredible balance between the individuality of each tattoo she makes and an aesthetic that allows her illustrations to be instantly recognizable as her own. She compares this process to food, where she confesses most of her inspiration comes from. It’s like “a microwave TV dinner vs. cooking something from scratch with love. Yes, it’s more work, but in the end it’s much more rewarding and it comes out infinitely tastier.” 

We think so, too, Karry. Who else can make a handheld mobile of human organs look so dreamy? Her imaginative play with nature and ability to evoke the personalities of her clients is a win-win for infinite tastiness. 

You can request a tattoo from Karry at Iris Tattoo Miami in Wynwood, or follow her work on Instagram at @poonkaros

Post by Rebecca Wagoner

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